Selected writings


Safe spaces and ‘ze’ badges: My bewildering year at a US university, The Spectator (cover)

Why I quit teaching this pitiful curriculum, Daily Mail

Robert Burns’ #MeToo moment, Spectator: Coffee House 

If Donald Trump wants to ‘unify’ America, he needs to bypass the politicians and talk directly to the people, The Daily Telegraph  

A Social Scientist on the Left-Liberal Biases of Social Scientists, National Review Online

Fr Morris won’t be the last priest to be expelled from campus for having the ‘wrong’ beliefs, Spectator: Coffee House  

Sir Roger Scruton on What it Means to Be a Conservative, National Review Online 

Advice For Tea Snobs, National Review Online 

Missing the Missive, National Review 

The Rage against Humor, National Review

Are We Setting a Generation Up For Failure? (An interview in two parts with Jonathan Haidt), National Review Online

‘False Memories’ Are More Common Than You Think, National Review Online 

Don’t tell the parents: the official guidance to teachers of ‘trans children’, The Spectator (cover)

A Joker on Downing Street?, National Review