Selected writings


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Safe spaces and ‘ze’ badges: My bewildering year at a US university, The Spectator (cover)

Why I quit teaching this pitiful curriculum, The Daily Mail (Saturday essay)

Robert Burns’ #MeToo moment, The Spectator: Coffee House 

If Donald Trump wants to ‘unify’ America, he needs to bypass the politicians and talk directly to the people, The Daily Telegraph  

A Social Scientist on the Left-Liberal Biases of Social Scientists, National Review Online

Fr Morris won’t be the last priest to be expelled from campus for having the ‘wrong’ beliefs, The Spectator: Coffee House  

Sir Roger Scruton on What it Means to Be a Conservative, National Review Online 

Advice For Tea Snobs, National Review Online 

Missing the Missive, National Review 

The Rage against Humor, National Review

Are We Setting a Generation Up For Failure? (An interview in two parts with Jonathan Haidt), National Review Online

‘False Memories’ Are More Common Than You Think, National Review Online 

How parents are being shut out of the transgender debate, The Spectator (cover)

A Joker on Downing Street? (a profile of Boris Johnson before he became PM!), National Review 

Meet the Bold Sexologist Questioning Transgender Orthodoxy (An interview with Ray Blanchard), National Review Online 

The ‘Trans’ Child as Experimental Guinea Pig, National Review 

A Connecticut Girl Challenges Male Domination of Female Sports, The Wall Street Journal

Diary: Boris, heatwaves and Orange County, The Catholic Herald 

Don’t Legalize Prostitution, National Review (cover)

Scotland, Suffering, and Silence: An Interview with Sir James MacMillan, National Review Online 

American universities are fueled by amphetamines — so I tried them, The Spectator 

The Tragedy of the ‘Trans’ Child, National Review (cover)