Madeleine Kearns is from Glasgow, Scotland, and a William F. Buckley Jr. Fellow in Political Journalism at National Review. She was awarded vocal scholarships by the University of St Andrews (graduating summa cum laude in 2015), taught high school English in one of the most deprived constituencies in the U.K., then won competitive scholarships to study in the U.S.

As a 2017 summer intern at The Spectator, Britain’s bestselling political magazine, she wrote a cover story detailing her experience at New York University which became one of the most read articles that year. She graduated from NYU with her Master’s in 2018. Her second cover story for The Spectator, in October 2018, was about gender policies as they relate to young people, a topic she now covers extensively for National Review.

Her work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Scotsman, The Catholic Herald, and Heterodox Academy. She has appeared on Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive,” the BBC World Service, Louder with Crowder, The Ben Shapiro Show, and other outlets.

She is a trained classical singer.

Follow her on Twitter: @madeleinekearns